Ms Soumili Bhaduri TAGORE
PhD Student

Supervisors: Asst Prof. Kimberly Kline and Prof. Michael Givskov

Project Title: Bacterial factors modulating a host immune response in mammals

Enterococcus is a commensal organism of the gastrointestinal tract of mammals. It causes life-threatening infections in humans in the nosocomial environment. Enterococcus species such as E. faecalis and E. faecium are considered to be the third leading cause of hospital acquired urinary tract infection (UTI). Enterococcus species have a variety of unknown strategies to evade the immune system. Virulence mechanisms of these species are largely unknown. Soumili is researching the mechanisms by which E. faecalis prevents or evades the host immune response. The study will utilise in vitro and in vivo methods to identify Enterococcal mutants that modulate the host response to infection. The culmination of these studies will help identify the bacterial factors that modulate the host immune system and may help in identifying new antimicrobial targets.