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Reference: Microbial Ecology of Extreme Environments (2017) Switzerland, Springer International Publishing, 1: 185-200.
Reference: Microbial Ecology of Extreme Environments (2017) Springer International Publishing, 1-6.
Reference: Trends in Microbiology (2017) In press.
Programme(s): Biofilm Matrix
by Huson D. H., Tappu R., Bazinet A. L., Xie C., Cummings M. P., Nieselt K., Williams R. B. H.
Reference: Microbiome (2017) 5(1): 11
by Kolpen M., Kühl M., Bjarnsholt T., Moser C., Hansen C.R., Liengaard L., Kharazmi A., Pressler T., Høiby N., Jensen P.Ø.
Reference: PLoS ONE (2014) 9: e84353.
Programme(s): Antibiofilm Drugs
by Neoh Chin H., Yung P. Y. M., Hafizuddin Razak M., Aris A., Fadhil Md Din M., Ibrahim Z., Zainon Noor Z.
Reference: Chemical Engineering Journal (2017) 308: 656-663
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
by Fong J., Yuan M., Jacobsen T. H., Mortensen K. T., Delos Santos M. M. S., Chua S. L., Yang L., Tan C. H., Nielsen T.E., Givskov M.
Reference: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2017) 60: 215-227
Research Cluster(s): Public Health & Medical Biofilms
Programme(s): Antibiofilm Drugs
Reference: Chemical Communications (2017) DOI: 10.1039/C6CC08584A
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering